Paul Marcus at the New York premiere of "Sounds Good To Me" at VisionFest 2009
Paul at the New York premiere of Sounds Good To Me at VisionFest 2009

Paul Marcus is a director/producer/writer who has produced films and video programs for the Smithsonian Institution, MSG Network and ABC Sports. He is co-founder of Manhattan-based Foxo Productions, an award-winning independent production company whose corporate clients include Merrill Lynch, Verizon and American Express. Paul has directed numerous programs profiling emerging market countries around the globe. He has traveled through southern China to capture the socio-economic changes occurring there. He spent time in Beijing where his crew was allowed special access to film in Tiananmen Square, on the Great Wall and in the interiors of the temples of the Forbidden City.

Another assignment sent Paul throughout Portugal to tell the story of its dynamic emergence into the European Union. He also spent four months covering the out islands of the Bahamas, interviewing elder citizens to document and help preserve the cultural heritage of the island nation.

For a film hosted by Robert Redford on the Smithsonian Institution's Marine Systems Laboratories, Paul spent a week in the Everglades, documenting the Smithsonian crew's endeavors to take enough living samples back to Washington, D.C., to create their own "Everglades" in a greenhouse.

After 25 years of creating video communications for several fortune 500 companies, Paul earned his master’s degree in strategic communications from Columbia University in May of 2013. Thanks to this course of study, Paul uses a methodical approach to designing communications strategies and tactics to help clients reach the right audience, with the right message, using the most effective communication channels.